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fashion quest

There is no way forward. Only looking so good.

What is going on?

Fashion Quest is an interactive fiction framework created to make text adventure games about fashion because we love fashion and we love text adventure games.

Fashion Quest is written in the Ruby programming language and requires Shoes, a cross-platform GUI engine created by Why the Lucky Stiff.

Design Goals

Fashion Quest was created with the following goals in mind:

  • Minimalist
    Lightweight and easy to learn.
  • Cross-platform
    Mac, Linux, and Windows.
  • Programmer-friendly
    Leverage Ruby and YAML.
  • Extensible
    Monkey patch. Fork. I see you.

How does it work?

Games are created in Fashion Quest by defining game elements using YAML and bits of Ruby. Game elements include locations, doors, props, characters, and state.

Fashion Quest comes with three demo games you can dissect to see how things work (and also an empty game that you can use as a template).

Fashion Quest screenshot

Online documentation is available here (or PDF). To run any of the demo games, open run.rb using Shoes.

The nightmare is in your mind.

Example Location YAML

      destination: shore
      destination: field

  description: |
    I'm in a spooky old graveyard covered
    in snow and filth. Low frequency sounds
    are occasionally emitted from varied,
    undiscernable directions.
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